Vardø - A good place to be

The city of Vardø is located on an island and is the only city in the arctic zone. On the mainland one finds the small fishing village of Kiberg which holds the East Cape of Norway.

The nature is different from other parts of Norway; with the internationally well-known birdwatching place Hornøya, and the very special stone formations on the mainland towards the deserted, historic and lovely fishing community of Hamningberg. Also, the natural arctic light that the sky reveals both in summer and winter, is at times astonhising. And much more...

Festivals and culture

To the amusement of its inhabitants and the region, the city hosts three festivals; the Pomor Festival, The Blues Festival and the Yukigassen Wintersport Festival.

The Pomor Festival have russian tradesman come into town to sell their goods as in the old days as well as entertainment for adults and children, the Blues Festival in november offer both local and well-known jazz- and blues names and gives top entertainment for three days, and the Yukigassen which has its origin in Japan, is an international team snowball competition, and a fun way to celebrate a long winter season in the arctic. These events alone are reasons enough to settle in Vardø.

Vardø is furthermore known as a cultural city with long traditions in choirs and folk theater.



From the seasonal fishing industry Vardø has long traditions in housing and successfully incorporating large groups of foreign workers and their families in to warmth of the community.

Today the city of Vardø and the village Kiberg has available housing and land, and the municipality welcomes new settlement in relations to the new offshore industry.
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