Vardø Barents Base AS
Coast Center Base AS
Postboks 55
N-5347 Ågotnes

Phone: +47 56 32 30 00
Faks: +47 56 33 51 91



Vardø Barents Base AS

General Manager:

Cristian Valdes Carter


+47 56 31 44 31
+47 45 66 34 34

Project partner

Vivian Lorentzen: Born and raised in Vardø. Master of Business Administration from University of Denver, USA. Experience from industrial projects and property development.

(25% ownership in Vardø Barents Base)

+47-412 82 477




Project partner

Bjørn Dæhlie: Experience from finance and property development in Norway and Sweden. Key person i several POS projects (projects developed by private and governmental entities).

(25% ownership in Vardø Barents Base)




Coast Center Base

Kurt Andreassen - CEO of CCB with many years of experience as the main supply base for oil and gas fields in the Tampen area of the North Sea. CCB are now branching out in Eastern Finnmark to serve the coming offshore industry in the high north.

(50% ownership in Vardø Barents Base)






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