Logistics & Harbour

CCB offers 35 years of leading experience within petroleum base- and supply services for the offshore market, in addition to extensive experience in various areas of logistics, subsea- and rig repairs, clearing ships, custom and transportation services, etc. at VBB.


  • Pipeline handling, storage and coating
  • Emergency- and oil spill preparedness/ Vardø vessel traffic services
  • Helicopter base
  • Crew transfer services
  • Supply: quay/harbour
  • Container harbour
  • Rig- and subsea services


VBB has approximately 2 000 000 m2 of flat and easy accessible area at its disposal for a supply base, coating plant and storage of pipelines and other area intensive equipment. The area is undergoing regulation and expected to be ready for construction in 2011.  As the most suitable and closest harbour to Shtokman, CCB and NorSea offer the best possible location, storage and handling of pipelines and larger subsea equipment at VBB.



With increasing offshore activities on both the Norwegian and Russian side of the north east Barents Sea and the increased transport to Russia and the opening of the North East Passage, VBB has the potential of storing large quantities of containers at Svartnes harbour.



Operations: We are proud that both for the 2011 and 2012 seismic activities in the northeastern Barents Sea initiated by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), the base in Vardø was chosen by the major ship agency Grieg Logistics and the seismic companies PGS and Dolphin.

Seismic vessels:
2011: Harrier Explorer
2012: Artemis Atlantic 

2011: Harrier Explorer

2012: Artemis Atlantic


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